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Be petty.
Sip Seltzer.

Make A Big Deal Over Small Shit.


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Welcome to Petty Hour

Everything is an insult if you try hard enough. Get offended by the weather, and definitely by what your neighbor's cat did. Sip Petty Pearl whiling doing it.

#BePetty #PearlsOfPettiness #SipPetty

Petty in Every Can

real Fruit


Natural Flavor

Gluten Free



GMO Free

No Coffee

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Just like your feelings, our ingredients are real.

We make seltzers with real fruit, alkaline water, alcohol.
You add the Petty.

Why People Love Us...Kinda.

Rihanna A.

Now, I can’t enjoy anything without questioning my life choices. Thanks for the existential crisis!"

Lucian C.

100% recommend. Finally, a seltzer that understands my need for drama and attitude.

Chelsea H.

I never knew seltzer could be this extra. It's like drinking liquid sarcasm, and I can't get enough.

Tim S.

Petty Pearl has officially become my spirit drink. It's like a little black dress – appropriate for any occasion, as long as that occasion involves being fabulous and slightly petty

Greta C.

I used to wonder if my drink could match my personality. Thanks to Petty Pearl, it now does. It's like a liquid version of my inner pettiness. A must-try for all aspiring drama queens!

Cole P.

Now, instead of just rolling my eyes, I can hand someone a Petty Pearl with and I've offended them and shut them up because they have to drink it. 


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